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Mapping NH

The Mapping NH Project is an effort to provide useful and timely information about the legal Class VI roads in NH.

Join a run and become part of a huge and great project to help out the sport of legal off roading.

Many ExploringNH events are based on New Hampshire Class VI roads. Our trail guides and forum members have worked to put together a system of maps to hep other members find Class VI roads and have advance information about difficulty, trail conditions and more.

MappingNH is the most comprehensive NH Class VI road map available outside of the DOT site, and the only system to incorporate difficulty ratings and scouting reports.

Instead of just posting a list of all the over 2,300 Class VI roads, we are using the latest Google mapping software to show the Class VI roads highlighted on a map of a particular town. We have also color coded these roads to show their difficulty level and as we scout out the trails, reports are made available. The scouting report will go contains details about the trail and may also contain pictures showing the entrance, scenic views, or obstacles you might want to be aware of.


We also gps systems to track the trail while scouting or when we do a trail run of multiple trails. This way you can download the file to your gps to show you exactly where the trail is. You can use the data to lead a group out on a run, even if you have never set foot on the trails before.


Access to Mapping NH is by application only at this time and intended for those who are actively organizing and leading rides.


Access Requirements

To obtain access to MappingNH, you must be a member of the ExploringNH Forum and meet the following requirements:

Tread Lightly 101 Awareness course certificate
AND one of the following:

1) Supporting Membership (paid) with 30 days of account history AND Moderator approval
2) Participation in Official ENH 101 Course (or similar) with instructor approval AND 30 days of account history
3) 30 days of account history with a minimum of 25 quality posts
4) Certified Trail Leader plus Moderator approval AND 30 days of account history

If you would like to apply for membership, you must Fill out the application.

How does MappingNH work?

There are multiple sections of the website and features that MappingNH members have access to, that normal users do not.

Our interactive map is based off of Google Maps API software and adapted for our needs, allowing MappingNH users to view legal Class VI roads town by town, or multiple towns at once. Maps are color coded to show trail difficulty: Red for “Hard,” Brown for “Moderate,” Green for “Stock-Friendly,” Black for “Closed,” and Purple for roads that have not been scouted yet (and therefore we don’t have any trail data for). This is the best tool for finding legal places to ride anywhere that you plan to visit in New Hampshire, since mass-produced atlases often contain errors (such as non-existant or closed roads, or omitting roads). Atlases and topo maps also do not show trail difficulty, and nothing is worse than getting a mile down a narrow trail and having to back out or find a way to turn around because of difficult obstacles ahead. These maps are drawn and maintained by people who enjoy legal offroading in New Hampshire, for people who enjoy legal offroading in New Hampshire. The maps can be printed off if you have a printer, and taken with you, or accessed anywhere with Internet access through your ExploringNH account.


The interactive maps can be a great tool to help you find legal places to go off roading, as well as plan routes for a trip in a town that you’ve never been to. The maps work best when also used with the Scouting Reports forum, which contains more information on each road. 

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