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First Aid & CPR Training

We offer classes for outdoor enthusiasts, businesses, and individuals who want to learn how to recognize and respond to life-threatening emergencies. Exploring NH is an authorized training provider for the American Red Cross and offers courses for:

Adult & Pediatric First Aid

Adult & Pediatric CPR & AED Use

Anaphylaxis & Epi-pen Administration

Asthma and Inhaler Administration

Opioid Overdose & Naloxone Administration

Wilderness First Aid

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Wilderness First Aid

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who works or spends time in remote environments, this course teaches advanced skills to be used in emergencies when help from professional first responders may be far away. Based on the Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid Curriculum and Doctrine Guidelines, this course aligns with OSHA’s Best Practices for Workplace First Aid Training Programs.

This course will provide both classroom and extensive hands-on practice. 


Prerequisites: Must be at least 14 years old and hold current adult CPR/AED certification.


2 year certification

Digital certificate available upon successful completion of course


Course length: 16 hours

The class will be conducted over 2 days.


Topics include:

  • Primary and Secondary Assessments

  • Head/Brain, Neck and Spinal Injuries

  • Heat-Related Emergencies

  • Hypothermia

  • Altitude-Related Illnesses

  • Allergies and Anaphylaxis

  • Burns

  • Bone and Joint Injuries

  • Wounds and Wound Infection

The American Red Cross Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED course meets OSHA workplace requirements.

The American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid meets BSA requirements/standards.
To schedule your own group class, please contact us. Currently scheduled courses are open to anyone and can be found here
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